Browser Eyeballing != JavaScript Testing


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Anonymous at 12:06 on 17 Aug 2013

Great primer on JS testing. A lot to this space, but a good use of time in covering the most important topics to get you started.

Anonymous at 12:06 on 17 Aug 2013

Wonderful talk. Lot's of good information and is very relevant to my work.

Anonymous at 12:07 on 17 Aug 2013

Excellent overview of the benefits and implementation strategies for testing. Very beneficial because it was based on they type of code you'd find in the wild. A+, would attend again.

Top notch talk. I'm crazy impressed with Jordan's presentation style, his slides were excellent, and he covered the topic in a manner that was incredibly clear and concise. I kinda wish I wrote more JS so I could apply what I've learned.

Anonymous at 12:09 on 17 Aug 2013

Great content… Great information
Jordan is obviously very knowledgable and good at what he does.

Very solid presentation on the basic of establishing testing procedures for JavaScript applications. Had a lot to cover in a short amount of time, and he did a great job hitting all the points.

Very good talk about *refactoring* your JavaScript code after the functionality is there, to make it testable to make sure you can tell a difference between a fault in your scripting and a fault/inconsistency in a browser.

I thought the talk was well-organized and presented in an easy way to grasp the concept and leave inspired to write better JavaScript.

Great talk with lots of good information. Not all inclusive but a good jumping off point for more research.

Very Helpful and easy to follow. As a beginner and having graduated from the most recent cohort at the Nashville Software School, I learned the practice and importance of TDD as it pertains to backend development. However, I was ignorant to applying this to JS. Covering the importance of Namespace, lowest-level testing, and the available tools to use in this talk was very helpful for me personally as I grow as a developer.

Take Aways:
- Write testable code
- Write code that's easy to pinpoint bugs to specific functions
- Refactor your testable code
- Actually Test your code
- Keep actively testing your code as you make changes
- Blame IE (insert sarcasm)

This is the 3rd presentation I've seen on this topic (both others at large conferences) and this was the best. Such a natural speaker, and the material was a great mix of immediately accessible and references to where you can dig deeper. He had to rush through automation a bit but still clear/concise overall.

Great presentation on writing testable Javascript code. Well executed.

Thanks for the great comments all! I know this was a lot of content, and that meant I had to go through it very quickly. Any suggestions on where to pare down the material in order for me to speak slower and cover things more clearly?