APIs for the REST of us.


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Really appreciated thoughts on how to deal with legacy code without re-writing everything from scratch. My favorite takeaways: auto-created documentation rocks!, standards matter for APIs & frameworks, and a fantabulous 3 R's recycling-like diagram for APIs: Reuse (what you want to), Refactor (what you can), Rewrite (what you need to).

As a noob, this talk was above my head a lot of the time, but it looked like it had LOTS of great tools and tips, as well as details on using FRAPI. Main suggestions: do more demo-ing of FRAPI, as it's always fun to see developers in action, and give a FRAPI and/or API for dummies explanation towards the beginning about what it is and why it's useful. :)

Side note: LOVED the funky pen you handed out for swag (flickr.com/photos/adellefrank/8047162265).

This was one of the heavier technical talks at the conference. Davey is clearly very bright, but I think he came off a bit less than friendly and perhaps a bit intimidating. I shouted out a question once and felt that the reaction was that of annoyance. Some speakers don't like interactivity i suppose and I held further questions and comments. Nonetheless I still felt that the subject matter was quite strong and this guy is no dope.