Building APIs with Silex


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Really enjoyed this talk and thought it had a good mix of explanation and code. Only thing I would suggest is to have a demo of the application itself, either at the beginning or the end, so that the audience can see what's been built in action.

Completely agree with Jeremy here - either starting or finishing with the application in action would have been beneficial. Overall though, great information, and I'll definitely be looking at Silex for some smaller projects where I felt Symfony might have been overkill.

Anonymous at 12:47 on 27 Sep 2012

Good information on your Philly presentation. Would like to see a little more about the CLI part of it. Actually a good spin off topic would be to talk about why using CLI for maintenance and other related tasks is better than using a browser accessible page. Another thing that might be helpful for Silex is a diagram that kind of shows the overall flow through the framework

I enjoyed the presentation but suspect my php programming skills are not up to the rest of the people at the Philadelphia conference. I struggle with dealing with frameworks and always end up falling back into my old habits of using my own classes & code -- which are definitely NOT MVC! The more exposure I have to various frameworks, the more I am going to grasp how to put together an app. So I also agree with Jeremy that doing a demo of how to spin up an app in Silias and how you put the parts together would have been useful. I feel the same about the Lithium presentation as well.

Slow typing during demo, a few too many awkward silences. The "light-weight" Symphony framework he's advocating seems way too heavy. I got away from XML sit-ups in Java just to do JSON sit-ups with Composer? Good way to show my coworkers why we developed our own MVC framework instead of using an existing one..

Good talk, and very brave to try the live coding demo! I think when you reference the Micro PHP manifesto, you could add a couple of minutes explaining the specific benefits of using Silex vs a "true" micro-framework like Limonade or Slim.

Otherwise this was very informative & a surprisingly comprehensive intro to getting something stood up. I appreciate the lack of boilerplate that's necessary.

Awesome talk during the Cincinnati leg. Use Silex quite a bit, but still learned a better way to handle maintaining large amounts of routes.

It was early, so perhaps I was sleeping, but it seemed like this was more a 'building prototype apps responsibility using router focused frameworks' than Silex focused.

Not that I'm complaining about that - I just haven't used Silex in the past, and don't feel I know much more about it. That said, the talk was a great example about building API focused applications and sharing the codebase between the web and the command line.

Great speaker. Funny and kept our attention even though it was so early in the morning.

Disclaimer: my PHP skills are rather basic. Even so, the demo was great and Cal did an excellent job of communicating, even to noobs like me. He clearly explained the PURPOSES for which the Silex framework works and doesn't work, as well as dropping in brief explanations of key PHP & O-O concepts and each step he was taking. I really enjoyed his tell-show-tell approach of telling you why things mattered and what/why he was showing you, showing you, while also telling you more details and explanations at same time. And, funny! I would have laughed out loud more, but was still waking up various parts of my brain that AM.

Would love to get the slides and any code you'd be willing to share!

Learned a lot. The 'no .htaccess in prod' tip was my favortie.

Cal is very entertaining! What else do you expect from the official representative of the php community! ;]