Responsive Web Design: The Mobile Web & You


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Took away some great knowledge from this one, thanks for putting it together.

Very nice - I've been researching this topic and it was a great mix of "under the hood" code and user views. Also some good online tools for building and testing responsive sites.

Great references! definitely grabbing your slides to check out the various tools and sites you mentioned.

Anonymous at 18:45 on 28 Sep 2012

Enjoyed your Philly presentation, and already trying to implement in my latest project!

Loved the non-programming overview of Responsive Design, especially on how to convert fixed-width grids to fluid grids.

So great talk thank you! We love building responsive web design. You may find this technology helpful.
Totally made my day...

Perfect. Just perfect.

Slides nicely designed and easy to read. Level of talk was JUST right, not too deep, not too broad, with rules of thumb and just enough code detail to be helpful, but not so much to overwhelm non-experts.

I could understand his explanation of the simple math behind using percentages in your design & CSS to create fluid grid layouts (hopefully, a helpful approach for developers needing to understand the logic behind designs).

Resources shared were wonderfully practical (can't wait to download slides, wish I could get screen captures of some of the small bits of code changes @arzoum demo-ed!).

Switching to bootstrap

Awesome. Most of all loved the tools presented.

Awesome presentation! Definitely one of my favourites for sure. Nice slides too, and very informative. You're just missing iphone5 specs, that was about it! Saw in SoFL. Keep up the great work mate! The future is the mobile! :]

This was one of those talks where the content and slides were exceptional, but the speaker was a bit less exciting. I think that his delivery was kind of unenthusiastic, but nonetheless I felt he did a great job of transferring his knowledge to the audience. I really did feel like I "got it".

Anonymous at 13:17 on 6 Dec 2012

Good overview of RWD. Very good slides and good reference to Macotte's RWD book.

Good talk with an intro and overview of responsive design. Thank you.