Security-Centered Design


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Great psychology focused presentation on security. It was good to hear about the more "ambient" and conceptual aspects of building secure systems. Left a lot of room for experimentation and exploration. Great photos and examples too.

Love the concept of Security-Centered design. The videos are a great way to showcase our ability to pay attention ... or lack thereof.

Good stuff. Some I had seen, some I had not. Chris is 10x the presenter I am. I wish I had his style.

Interesting points to ponder when considering secure design and application decisions.

Glad Chris gave many their first introduction to ambient signifiers and change blindness. Also pleased that he covered user tendencies (which he called "cow paths") and unofficial/unwritten standards such as the implied meanings of words in a given context (specifically the SmugMug example). I was disappointed he didn't give PHP specific principles as I had heard from him in webinars in the past, but I suppose that would be a different talk.

By far the most entertaining presentation.