Talk comments

Loved every part of this talk. I wouldn't be surprised to find Travis giving Cal Evans a run for his money in the future, as far as "most engaging speaker" goes. Will go out of my way to hear him talk again at future conferences.

The brief history of web development was especially fascinating. That could be an interesting talk in its own right.

One thing that might fit well into the micro-frameworks talk: a quick look at the trend toward open data -- every hot new web app now has an API. Twitter of course is king and stands a bit apart by opening its data to everyone, but there's also Freshbooks, Zendesk, Basecamp and I'm sure many more -- all nuts-and-bolts business applications that don't constrain their users to the GUI. keeps tabs on many of them.

Micro-frameworks seem to fit right into that world. I could see, for example, a micro-framework designed for the sole purpose of gluing together a handful of these apps for back-office staff at a business that relies heavily on them.