PHP Unit Fundamentals by Matthew Radcliffe


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Good presentation. For me, this is all new. Thanks.

Anonymous at 21:40 on 14 Oct 2015

It was a very good introduction to unit testing and PHPUnit. The examples were easy to follow and flowed well with the presentation. The only recommendation would be to have a working demo.

Matt is someone that I can always learn something from and this presentation was no exception. He's modest in claiming to be a beginner on testing and shared a great deal with the room!

Anonymous at 19:27 on 15 Oct 2015

The material was good, a little more in running the presentation itself (as in already being set up for good larger font sizes etc for easier reading by the audience) will help make it go more smooth.

Anonymous at 21:08 on 15 Oct 2015

Thanks for the good into, Matt. As someone who has dabbled in PHPUnit this was a great refresher and I gleaned some great insight from you. I think what would have made the presentation stronger would have been to have had your examples worked out ahead of time. I understand the value of working through a particular problem collectively, but for a presentation, especially one short on time, this may not be the best approach. That said - all-in-all, very valuable and thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.