Diversity is still a hot topic in tech, we have seen this for many years already. When we think about diversity in the workplace, our minds tend to go to topics like gender ratio or ethnical representation. This is the way we currently think.

So, let me show you another way to think about diversity in your team. This talk will give you new insights into yourself and your team and a different point of view on diversity: diversity 2.0!


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Arjan Kleene at 13:03 on 22 Aug 2020

Interesting talk with a clear and somewhat unexpected new view on diversity. There's more than black and white, or male and female. Also loved the test during the talk.

Michelangelo van Dam at 13:49 on 22 Aug 2020

Great insights on the other aspects of diversity. Even though the test itself was a great addition to the talk, I probably miss the context of the result in a few months. Maybe this could be optimized? Otherwise a splendid job, well done!

Very interesting talk, with a good test and interesting views on how the brain works. A totally different way of looking at diversity, which I found nice and refreshing.

Timo Bakx at 16:34 on 24 Aug 2020

Very nice talk. I loved the hands-on approach of taking the audience through a test and working out the results together.