Ever had to report a bug to one of your QA tools, like PHPStan, PHP_CodeSniffer, PHPUnit or PHPDocumentor, because a new PHP feature wasn't supported and you were getting odd results ? And if not: ever wondered why not?

Each new PHP version brings new features and sometimes backward-compatibility breaks. In this slot, we'll be talking with Juliette about how PHP_CodeSniffer and related tools prepare for a new PHP release.

We'll take a look behind the scenes to get some insight into what the impact of certain PHP changes can be on these kind of tools, we'll find out more about the decision process for what to support when and how, what thinking three steps ahead means in practice and get some real life examples of what is happening behind the scenes of PHP_CodeSniffer right now to prepare for PHP 8.

We hope you're looking forward to PHP 8 as much as we are!


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Arjan Kleene at 15:55 on 21 Aug 2020

Interesting discussion format. Also interesting to realize how far ahead tool writers need to plan for compatibility with new and upcoming releases, which is of course more challenging when the changes are bigger.

Michelangelo van Dam at 13:34 on 22 Aug 2020

Great approach to have the interview and discussion setup. Lots of pointers given to take note of.