Analyzing Site Performance with XHGui & XHProf


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Excellent introduction to XHProf and XHGUI.

Nice and funny talk.

More future examples would've been nice ... and resolution fix to the gui :-). Excellent talk

Excellent talk, very entertaining and a very good introduction to XHProf & XHGUI

Anonymous at 16:09 on 9 Mar 2011


Saw Paul for the first time and liked his calmness and professionalism.
The talk it self was a nice overview about XHGui and it what it is capable of.
I used XHProf without the gui once and it just knocked me out ;)
But will give it a try again.

Only the switching between two computers was a imo not so fortunate way to do a live demo.
Nevertheless good talk.

Got a good overview on what you can get out of XHProf. I also liked the presentation style very much. Thanks!

Another nice one!

Anonymous at 17:38 on 11 Mar 2011

Other speakers should study Paul's style and learn from it. He had the audience engaged, laughing, and even silly tricks, like handing out candy for good questions, were refreshing and drew me in to the lecture.

For me, this was certainly the best presentation of the conference, both for the subject matter and the delivery.