Making PHP see


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Anonymous at 10:20 on 10 Mar 2011

Enjoyed the talk, thanks.

Nice talk, pretty entertaining and learned some new stuff.
Great Speaker.

Interesting to see the uses that PHP can be put too. Good talk where Michael showed the features of OpenCV in an engaging manner. I particularly liked the elephpant matching.

nice talk. liked to see what else is PHP capable of besides the stuff I do with it.
entertaining speaker, fun to listen to.. it is probably I really lie the scottish accednt ;)

Great presenter, very funny. I learned a lot. The only problem I see his he had too much text on his slides. You end up reading instead of listening. I would had like to see examples of images instead of text.

Great stuff, really looking forward to trying the extension. Also excellent mic based slapstick.

I share the opinion of the others: entertaining talk, learned some things I didn't know you could do in PHP.

The bad thing about the talks (and this is a good thing as well) is the chaotic delivery. I had good fun watching it, but it needs a bit more practice I guess. I understand this is a brand new extension, so once it's out there and known, the presentations will probably be more fluent.

Nevertheless: it's worth a 4-star rating.

Great talk. I actually liked the partial chaos and how you managed it. That actually limbered the atmosphere.