This talk introduces the various strategies you can use to ensure that developing and releasing new features to a live website is stress-free.

Firstly we will look at how organising your source code into branches can provide confidence and allow for features to go-live in any order. We will the consider the mechanics of deploying a new version of the website to the server, ensuring that we can repeat the process the same way every time. Finally we will look at how to roll back a deployment easily and quickly when something goes wrong.


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Rated 5

Anonymous at 12:02 on 10 Mar 2011

Great talk, learned a lot.

Good talk on deployment practices. Appreciated the speakers declaration of what environment he works in. It helps places his talk and advice. Good overview, good practice. Was happy I could attend.

Nice introduction to best practice for deployment. It confirm that a lot of the things we are trying are correct and gave me new ideas on how to improve.

Rated 5

Anonymous at 20:41 on 10 Mar 2011

Great talk! Bonus points for still using SVN. lol :)

Great tips, even for seasoned folks. Loved the bit about naming branches for ticket numbers.