Varnish In Action


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I missed the first 15 minutes of the talk, but even then, the rest proved to be a very good introduction to Varnish. Thijs clearly knows it very well and gave an informative talk about what Varnish is good at and how to do several common proxying and caching tasks. The tips and tricks were nice as well. My only comment is that the code slides should be formatted somewhat better to avoid line wrapping, if possible.

Great introduction to Varnish. Learnt enough that I'm going to investigate it some more.

Great talk.
Maybe some additional request flow diagram could help? Also, some infrastructure tips (how many varnish instances, ...) could be cool.

Nice introduction. It gave me a lot of information on how to implement a simple varnish solution.

Anonymous at 20:36 on 11 Mar 2011

Great intro to Vanish. Learned a lot and want to learn more.