The Five Dysfunctions of a Distributed Team


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Really liked this talk! Would like to see a presentation some day on Tribal management...will be purchasing that book, as I can see it applicable for my team.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback! Here are some links on youtube for some good Dave Logan talks on the topic:

Dave Logan on Tribal Leadership

Dave Logan on Building a Genius Tribe

CultureSync has a couple of good classes on the principles:

Anytime you would like to e-mail about the topic, get a hold of me through my website:

Thanks for coming to the talk!

P.S.: Sorry for rating myself... I wanted to pass along info to Matt...

Anonymous at 21:13 on 2 Mar 2012

Got into this talk late, but got some good info out of it. Don't think there's anything I can tell the speaker to help him improve, he's already there.

This was excellent. Stefan is a veteran and accomplished speaker. His insight connecting Lencioni's work and the Tribal Leadership material to real-world IT use cases is intelligent and very useful.

Thanks for a great talk.