Building Testable PHP Applications


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Anonymous at 14:10 on 27 Feb 2013

Really great overview. Favourite talk so far.

Very informative, useful and knowledgeable presentation. Best of the conference at this point.

Anonymous at 14:15 on 27 Feb 2013

Nice presentation. Very clear.

Words like "fuck" and "shit" are not necessary to engage an audience.

Great overview of the integration of testing in PHP applications and a nice look at how the SOLID principles could be used to make things a bit more testable, but a "real world" kind of refactored example might have been helpful to drive the point home. The sample code was good, but seemed disconnected.

I could use less profanity, but I thought the talk was a solid (pun intended) overview of different types of testing. I would recommend this talk to a friend (who isn't offended easily).

Wow, sorry if I used too many "bad words" during the talk. Did not recognize it, thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 28 Feb 2013

Good, informative talk on principles of building testable code, as well as common pitfalls. Lots of valuable take-away info too. Thanks!

Good talk, I felt it lacked examples to make the topics more manageable.

Any idea when the slides are going to be available?

Enjoyed the talk quite a bit. Learned quite a few useful tips!

Great presentation base in real world example an difficulties.