Talk comments

Marc Aubé at 10:09 on 9 Mar 2018

Really insightful and really funny! It's rare that we get to hear about security incidents from the perspective of a major OSS maintainer.

Eric Hogue at 09:35 on 9 Mar 2018

Great talk. Marcus is funny and tell a nice story.

Ben Dechrai at 09:33 on 9 Mar 2018

Marcus is a great story teller. His description of the events in the lead up to, process during, and review of the vulnerabilities that were disclosed, were easy to follow. The takeaway messages were useful and easily actionable.

Ken Coar at 15:47 on 8 Mar 2018

As the speaker, of *course* I thought it was great.

Seriously, there was so much more I wanted to cover; 25 minutes isn't enough.

Ben Dechrai at 14:47 on 8 Mar 2018

This was a really easy to follow live demo to using Elastic's tools to monitor various aspects of a PHP application. It's equally applicable to applications in other tech stacks, and I appreciated the inclusion of tips and hacks to make your life easier.

Ben Dechrai at 11:47 on 8 Mar 2018

Michael has a fantastic way of simply explaining the finer details of API creation in Laravel. I love that the example code shows both the out-of-the-box generated code, and the customisations made for the purposes of the demo. During the step-by-step walk-through, he isolates the code he wants the audience to focus on, and removes all distractions from the presentation.

Ben Dechrai at 14:36 on 7 Mar 2018

Joel offered a well paced talk about async JavaScript, using an easy to grasp analogy of creating a PB&J sandwich. His presentation style was relaxed and informative, and demos were easy to follow.

He did point out that this was the first time he was giving this presentation, and that the slides hadn't been fully tested yet. The slide composition was compelling and engaging, although they could have done with better contrast and larger text size for those at the back of the room.

That said, he stepped the audience through the code verbally, allowing those with even a small understanding of async JS concepts to follow along.

Ben Dechrai at 14:25 on 7 Mar 2018

Ken's talk was applicable to developers of most languages, as he himself noted. It was a great introduction to refactoring.

I liked his presentation style, although the opening humorous slides seemed out of place. I love a bit of humour, or audience interaction, and even do so myself. In this particular instance, it seemed out of place and unconnected to the talk topic.

The main content, however, was a great step-by-step guide to testing and refactoring principles and techniques.

Ben Dechrai at 14:19 on 7 Mar 2018

Adam is an engaging speaker and his talk was easy to follow. the information was well presented, although the second half of the talk was a bit rushed due to time limitations. I would love to see this talk given in a longer time slot.