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Anonymous at 12:17 on 22 Feb 2012

@ehlersd: It should be pretty easy to backport to 5.3; replace the short array [] syntax with longer array() syntax is all I can think of.

Hi everyone -- the slides are here:


Thanks for attending!

This was one of the best presentations I've ever been to.

Looking at the Aura.Marshal project, how much effort to convert it to run with php 5.3?

Great program. I sure would like to have the slide show?

Great talk, and some definite food for thought

Anonymous at 20:03 on 21 Feb 2012

need more bonus slides

Great talk! Giving a definition to a common problem that any developer has ran into, regardless of language. He explains how ORMs perform and handle the N+1 and how to avoid it.

5 Star talk IMO.