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I'm really looking forward to the next DayCamp4Developers event -- this money is well spent!

Thank you Cal and Team for organizing this DayCamp!

This was great. It fills a hole in my learning. I will definitely be attending more dc4d events!

First time attending Day Camp 4 Devs. Definitely not my last. Very impressed with the quality of the professionals and the information they shared.

One thing that Day Camp 4 Devs has right is the ability to get a skilled professional to bring great examples on a range of topics that don't leave you wondering if something is for you, but rather how you want to use it. I never felt like the sponsors were pushed in my face, which made me appreciate Cal's plugging of them. Some conferences will trot out the corporate sponsors so often you end up disliking them out of spite. Cal got me to visit each sponsor's website.

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