PSR-7 in the Middle


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A quicker history lesson! Good information.

Great talk overall. Started very slowly, and took a while to ramp up. I feel too much time was spent on the history of HTTP handling. The meat of the talk was the PSR-7 segment at the end, which was awesome. My suggestion would be spend only 15-30 seconds on each history slide, since they won't be valuable soon anyway. Skim over them, and explain more about the coolness of PHP as a long-running process, or preloading applications, for example.

Very informative. I think the section on the history of PHP was a bit long. I think you should spend a little more time on explaining the thinking going behind the API. Overall great talk.

Great talk! Learned a lot in this hour -- could even be a longer talk ;-)

Thank you!

Wonderful content that made it so clear how important PSR-7 is.

Well delivered, no complaints :)

Would have been better if the audio wasn't over the phone though.

It took a while to get to the performance part (and even then some people might miss it). If this were a normal conference talk, don't change a thing. For the DC4D on performance, a disclaimer that it *is* relevant to performance might have helped.

Great talk, and very clear presentation.

The ancient history of PHP sure brought back some bad memories. ;)

Good presentation. A little long in the history, but good. Presentation was pretty good. Unfortunately, the phone line makes things less than ideal, but it was still good, clear, understandable.

This talk was a great intro to PSR-7. I had issues with it prior to this talk but I think I'm sold and have... ideas.

As others have said, the history lesson was a bit long, some highlights would be good, but I would prefer the time be spent on some more insight into why some PSR-7 decisions were made, an architecture overview of a middleware based app (especially composed apps with multiple layers), and some examples of how to implement one.

Very informative and in-depth look at the possible future of PHP in regards to middleware. Very interesting to think about the possibility that frameworks will be less monolithic and more of a cohesive group of packages.