Timeline for a Talk


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Anonymous at 11:12 on 18 Dec 2015

very insightful.

Awesome talk for anyone speaking at a conference or user group. Practical tips for preparing the content and *yourself* to give an awesome presentation.

Lots of useful preparation information.

Definitely a great talk with tons of useful information. As a speaker there's plenty of things in here that I could be doing to help make my talks better. The Speaker Checklist (http://trainingintheopen.com/speakers-checklist.html) linked from her resources slide is a great shorthand version of a lot of it too.

Appreciated this insight into the process of preparing for a talk. Particularly liked the information about learning objectives, exploring the topic in various formats before presenting (i.e. writing a series of blog posts or splitting a long talk into 3 smaller talks to give at a meetup), and other practical preparation talks that can be easily overlooked. Very helpful info.

So much useful information

The focus on what you wanted to accomplish with your talk, without using the word know, was really helpful. I really want to incorporate that into my abstracts because it makes my talk more focused.

I also really appreciated your detailed speaker timeline! It will help to be more prepared head of time.