Exploiting the Brain for Fun & Profit


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I really enjoyed how you set the tone at the beginning. It got me all smiley and excited!

I liked how you made pauses at the perfect time. I'm definitely going to learn from you!

Thank you -

Anonymous at 13:30 on 18 Dec 2015

really nice relaxed and informative talk, packed full of ideas and facts. I did get distracted by habitica.com - I was expecting some interesting resource, not a colourful game-like one :p

great talk. it seemed like the lack of audience feedback might have been distracting, but your information provided was FABULOUS!

The brain is very complex, lots of great information given. And the power pose!

Anonymous at 13:54 on 18 Dec 2015

Peter Aba at 05:43 on 16 Jan 2016

As mentioned before, I also felt like you needed time to adjust to the lack of an audience. Still an interesting talk, first time I heard about power poses and power moves. I will try to learn a bit more about those and try them.