Finding Your Voice


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Great job. Would Watch again.

Very insightful and motivational, thank you :)

Really enjoyed this talk. Everybody who is considering public speaking should watch this talk. Great mix of philosophy and practical tips

Anonymous at 12:39 on 18 Dec 2015

totally awesome. so many good takeaways.

I tried really hard looking for something where I can offer constructive criticism, but couldn't. =(

Almost everything you had to say was something I was able to use/implement in my future talks.

Maybe I'll start rehearsing more. :) Thank you!

You awe super awesome sauce!

Great talk, lots of useful information.

Your talk was super helpful! You had great tips on timing and reducing the barriers to entry. Explaining all of the way we have ideas to share from our own experience. All of your advise was useful and well-explained.

Really inspiring talk. Thank you!