The Business Case for Telecommuting


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Great managers view and hard numbers to back up the modern thought of Teleworking.

Great Session. Got me thinking about how more telecommuting will help reduce our carbon footprints along with freeing more time for family. It's a win-win situation.

Very good session, lots of great information. Will probably take me awhile to absorb and process all of the information. Perhaps I can convince my boss to let me do some telecommuting now.

Great talk on the manager's view, but also the mental aspect of 'the game'.
Indirect savings slide could also be visualized (a kind of graph?) which could make it more clear (cause -> benefit)

Great to see the perspective of a manager on telecommuting. I need to get my boss to see this talk.

Great talk. It hit on many helpful topics, especially the part about work is what you do, not where you are. This sounds so simple, but is a elegant way to discuss the topic with others.

Also think this was a very good talk. Only suggestion would be some kind of primer in the slides themselves to let the group know where in the talk Ivo was, or something high-level to tie everything together. I got the individual sections, and the high-level message in total, just felt the really good talk could be even better if the sequence and where Ivo was in the discussion was clear.

Good talk, trying to provide the employer's view of telecommuting and where it could (or could not) work. Some overlap with Lorna's talk at the end, but I guess that's unavoidable.

Great talk. I loved Ivo's breakdown of what those job ads are really saying.

Good stuff! Loved the job advert commentary.

very well balanced talk with some great content.

Thanks Ivo, great talk--good points!

Nicely done Ivo! It made me think of some questions I get from my bosses and how I can counter them. I actually don't mind folks working from home too much, but sometimes convincing those above me that it's a good idea is a little sticky.

Thanks Ivo for sharing your experiences with us.

Old hat for those of us who have been doing it for years, but nicely done.