Work/Life Balance


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Lig, thanks for your view of the work/life balance. I guess there are some rules I need to discuss with my wife ;). Seriously some really good points on managing situation that can quickly become difficult and unhealthy for family relationships. I feel anyone working at home must have a location that is dedicated to work so that you can separate work from family stuff.

Great session!! Lots of pointers, need to set limits at home no matter where I work I think. It's too easy to bring work home with me now.

Interesting talk. Lots to think about with the practicalities of working from home, especially in terms of doing too much work and not enough family.

Awesome talk from a very special presenter (keep in mind I'm biased, Ligaya is a very good friend) covered some very good points.

This is definitely a weak are for me, thamls for the pointers and advice!

Very useful information and experiences how to combine your family matters and work matters. Interesting to see how you have handled the issues and set up some rules to draw a clear line between work and family life!

Great advice on managing work/life balance with a first hand understanding. Nice to hear someone being frank about their family life and communication with them and how to deal with working during family time. Problems we all experience when working at home.

Great talk, she made a great point about talking with the boss and the family first. Also setting boundaries.

Strong points about how to separate work from home life as well as how to make yourself stop working which does become a problem. I could have even listened to more strategies on how to stop working if you aren't constrained by company policies and don't have people pulling you away. All around great presentation.

Good talk with advice on how to find the right balance between work and your "normal" life, now that work happens at home. Need to involve your family.

Nicely done, Lig! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I wish I'd been able to hear these things while I was at telecommuter!

Good talk! thanks.

Thanks Lig, really interesting your topics and very helpful your advices.

Good points. By the end of this, I didn't have a door to my office, but I got a nice big curtain to block me from view. Out of sight, out of mind. ;)