Dealing with Difficult People


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Enjoyed the talk - The expletives really added to my enjoyment. It showed the frustration that we all often come against in our day to day.

Kill with kindness, change how you interact with them, to get what you need in return.


Good talk! Some good ideas here on how to deal with people like me!

Excellent talk. I really enjoyed the reminder that it's always OK to "get the hell out of there."

Awesome! I'll work on that, thanks. : )

Awesome talk. I recognized myself in a few of her difficult peoples. I think if every developers would listen to this talk, teamwork would be easier.

Great Talk. Great Ideas and entertaining.

Nice talk presented in a easy to lusten to style, humor and a friendly tone of voice. I recognized myself and some coworkers ! (darn i am difficult too !)

Anonymous at 11:07 on 1 Oct 2011

HI Liz,

I liked your presentation. You make the most mundane interesting through your unique style, keep it up!


As always, direct, raw, honest.

Great overview on dealing with multiple personalities on the job. Presentation was great and engaging. A good f*bomb will make sure any dozing attendee wakes up instantly.

Fantastic. Always need a reminder to listen and to treat people with respect.

I didn't know what to expect (on the topic, not from the speaker), but I was thoroughly impressed by the insight into personalities that I deal with every day and the advice on how to approach them. I too recognized myself in some of those difficult people, and I can use what Elizabeth presented to help myself and my team. Great job.

Nice presentation with some psychology lessons to learn. Nice tips and tricks.

Anonymous at 11:13 on 1 Oct 2011

Great talk, never thought about how people that pump themselves up do it because they haven't really gotten much recognition for what they have done. Makes sense after you explained it. Sometimes difficult people really do try ones patience, and being able to walk away or do your darndest to be nice and calm back to them is hard but does help, even though like you said there's nothing you can do to really change that person, hence they'll probably continue to act the way they do, that's the most frustrating thing in my opinion. I'll definitely be checking out the books you mentioned when the slides get emailed (didn't get a change to grab their names)

Liz, as always, did very well clarifying her specific topics to where they were easily understood and weren't dry to the point to where concentration and focus was lost.

Great stuff! I've been using the DISC profile model for a while and your talk had similar concepts but you broke them down into practical, real world examples of different personalities. It's funny how much of it comes down to just treating people the way they want to be treated (just like we want people to treat us like we want to be treated).

Great talk! I found the broad breakdown of people into "get it done"/"get it right"/"get along"/"get a pat on the back" (and the examples of how these can manifest themselves at the extremes) both insightful and memorable. I'm going to try and apply the suggestions to improving my own workplace (and personal) interactions. Also enjoyed the speaker's direct and engaging style!