Estimating and Expectations


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Excellent topic. I will be reviewing this topic multiple times for sure. Thank you for taking the time to present this in a clear and concise manner with excellent examples and real-world scenarios.

The focus on graphic design before estimation was a revelation for me. I'll never do an estimation without paper and crayon again. Good stuff.

I wish everyone at work could hear this presentation.

What can be said? Amazing talk. It's like having a conversation with one of your smartest friends who is articulate, smart and challenging.

If I had one critique, it would be there is sooooo much good information that it's a little overwhelming. Principle of audiences leaving with full understanding is grouping in threes. But, please take that as a small critique.

Wow, great talk and lots of good & practical stuff (if anything perhaps a bit too much). The guidelines on managing client expectations sound particularly useful, and the point about maintaining a consistent pace of delivery is a novel one (to me). Also had my favourite quote of the day: "It's not enough to be smart; you actually have to know things". Thanks for a great end to the day.

Got just one word to say on this talk: TRUE!
Throughout the talk I had so many moments of "uhuh", "true" and "yeah".

Amazing talk. I feel smarter now that I listen to it.

Just one word: WOW !!

Great ideas & encouraging some further reading. Enjoyed the delivery and Jones Law.

Fabulous. This is one that I'll want to listen to again. For the first time I feel like I can actually do an estimate in a way that makes sense. Design first makes so much sense. Great practical insight.

Awesome talk. Can't wait to listen again once the videos are available. Totally agree with the concept of designing first, estimate second.

excellent talk, "mythical man-month" talks are quite common, but this one touched all the bases in an easily understandable manner. Was enjoyable to listen too. /would listen again. :)

Also the "everyone's story" at the start was eerily accurate to say the least.

Killer presentation; well done! I haven't read any of those books.... Seems like I better. :)