Hands on Agile Practices


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Good overview of Agile in practice (not in theory :-).

Felt it was a good talk, going over all the right highlights and giving a well rounded talk about the do and don'ts of agile project management.

Wow, that was one hell of a presentation! Project management using Agile Development from front to back. Gave me a lot of new information to process. Thank you so much!

I work in a relatively small, remote team, so I'll need some time to figure out how to apply this to our situation, but the information was great and definitely pointed me in the right direction. I could definitely tell Brian was speaking from experience, which brought extra authority to the information.

Although the basics were explained well, the were still a bit basic to what I've expected of this talk. The presentation was good as the speaker was clearly understandable. But the slides had too much distractions and were a little bit out of focus

Anonymous at 10:09 on 1 Oct 2011

Brian, very good talk. All points were pertinent, very informative, and you had nice examples to illustrate them.

Awesome overview and introduction to managing the Agile way.

Having no experience with agile this hands in talk about with lots of real world examples cleared things up for me and gave me some ideas on how to do this on our own team

Thanks for the 'day in the life' view.

Great real-world agile. I like this implementation, and this look at how someone else is doing it delivered by a great speaker.

Great detailed view of the agile process with real world examples.

Enjoyed the talk. Opposite of Mike, I wanted a few more basics, but it was a well presented, great overview IMHO.

Great introduction to agile. I liked the examples.

Great presentation! There was a lot of agile jargon I wasn't familiar with so I used Google a bit. A glossary would be helpful. This is one I'd like to share with some others on my team. Good stuff.

Great talk about agile in practice.
As i haven't been a member of an agile team, it's good to hear about how agile principles are put into practice.

Good overview on agile practices. Introduced and inspired some concepts that are essentials to agile beginners. I'd like to see this talk pushed further up the learning curve on agile development and be a little more focused, but overall you did a great job, Brian.

It was good, I do wish there was some more basics of getting started etc.

Unfortunately I missed the start :( but had a lot more detail on Agile (something that I haven't used before) than I'd expected. A couple of points that I think I can use now though: focusing on "too much to do" rather than "not enough time"; estimates are always wrong (and the idea of using "yesterday's weather" for forward planning); and the key points for keeping stand-up meetings on track. Looking forward to viewing the whole presentation from the start when the videos are available.

A really good introduction to some of the major Agile practices and there benefits to get one interested and start using them.

I am a sole developer and loved the ideas presented. I have looked into Agile processes a few times, and always think "Why just for me". However, I love learning new things, and this talk opened my eyes to a whole other development methodology.