How Freelancers Can Use Project Management to Make Clients Happier than They've Ever Been Before


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As a personal that has to hire freelancers, it was very interesting to hear your perspective & also gives me some new questions that I need to ask when considering someone.

Interesting talk, not only if you are a freelancer but also when you are on a small project as a developer where there is no project manager.

I would like to see more slides, somehow looking at the same slide for minutes is causing me to loose focus.

Still a great talk which i would recomment to my coworkers/ freelancing friends !

Excellent talk, with some great tips. Certainly took some things with that I'm going to work on.

Great Talk, would have liked to see more slides. Great food for thought for individual developers and small teams.

Good talk, as already stated though, I agree that more slides would make a better presentation. Thank you!

Great talk. Event though it was targeted towards freelancer, a lot of the tips can be used for those who are not.

Next to a couple of more slides which is already mentioned multiple times, there could be some more words on the slides itself as well. Some highlights, some messages to take home etc.
I think it was interesting to hear a talk on freelancing and client relationships from someone who's not directly into programming!

Loved the focus on communication. Almost all problems can be headed off with excellent, continuous communication.

Really enjoyed this talk and felt that the core message - that what makes people happy is seeing progress on their projects - is pretty profound in spite of its apparent simplicity. Although I'm not a freelancer it's definitely something that I'll be looking at doing in future (starting Monday!).

Refreshing look at how to heighten communication without freaking out a BO.

I really enjoyed the reminder that keeping your customers happy has a lot more to do with just the product... you have to think about the communication and project management.

Real practical knowledge for dealing with customers. Not many ground breaking points, but that's what I want from a talk like this.