Project Management is more than Todo Lists


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Excellent talk. The pyramid lost me at first, but I enjoy how you worked it into the presentation, explaining how and why you can integrate psychology into projects to improve participation and cohesion.

I've seen this before, and it's just as good now as it was then.

I enjoyed this talk, I appreciate the time invested in putting it together.

I do however wish you would use dogs, and not cats in your slides. They are just too uptight IMHO.

Great job :)


Loved the talk. I had tough about contributing to web2project before, now I really want to.

Great integration of the Maslow's pyramid.

Great presentation with some awesome real world data. Love that the approach used to talk about the project management in a different and in a more personal manner.

Very good presentation on project mgmt and use of software. Also nice overview of some aspects of web2project, which I will consider using.


Great presentation on running (open source) projects in a customer friendly way, which is obviously the way to go if you want to have a successful project.

I enjoyed seeing business/marketing tips presented in the context of a real life project.

Good stuff!

Excellent reminder that projects are about people, not to-do lists. Understanding how to motivate, encourage and empower people has a huge impact on the project success.

Good to see acknowledgement of bacon. Web2Project is a great example of good team/contributor relations.

Wow, excellent analysis and presentation! look forward to reading this. Thank's fer the turn on!

Nice talk about managing projects from a psychological point of view. Focused at open source projects but usable for commercial projects also.

After seeing the pyramid i was scared this would get to be a dry theoretical talk but the opposite was true !

Awesome presentation. Great to see the subject from the point of view of an Open Source project.

Nice job. like your approach & will look int your project

Interesting to see an Open Source project perspective, and in particular the observation that it's about people and community. The references back to Maslow's hierarchy of needs also felt particularly insightful and worth considering in other types of project. Liked the practical idea of using FAQs as indicators for areas of improvement, and having internal ratings for the quality of bug reports.

The talk has improved some since I've heard it at PHPBenelux in Antwerp this January. Still learned stuff, so the second time it's still informative :-)

EDIT: a little more on this: the PHPBenelux talk was more focussed on technical debt with a relation to web2project and open source. An interesting addition to this talk.