Is it good for the company?


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Nicely done. Lots of good info. Could have covered dispute resolution a bit.

AWESOME presentation!

Lots to think about. Great presentation.

Nice insight into how to pitch a project internally. Had I known this a year ago, we might not be using so much 3rd party SaaS. A good chunk of your talk will be put into practice shortly.

Also, nice use of Office Space.

At the risk of having to hand in my geek card: I haven't seen Office Space, so the beginning was completely lost on me. Fortunately, the rest of the talk was pretty good. You had me at telling stories - that's what's missing from so many presentations.

Really enjoyed this talk and lots of great advice about taking the time to understand the wider context that you're working in, in order to influence the decision-making process within your organisation. And I absolutely agree, nobody reads those long documents! Thanks John for a great presentation.

This was a nice presentation which didn't fit directly into the 'self-employed' character of the conference, but very relevant though. Lots of real-world and common examples with examples of ways how to deal with them.
Awesome presentation!

another success by John! Liked the Office Space comparison.