Planning Your Business for the Long Term


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Great content. Needed more slides to help me get back in context when my mind wanders. It sounded like you had a more bullet points written down than you showed in the slides.

Great content and speaker ! When doing a virtual presentation people can't see the presenter and therefor minimal slides isn't working

Great subject and content. So many great points. Slides were really weak and could of been used to reinforce points much more than they did.

Hi Thursday. Great job :-)

Awesome talk Thursday. Slides were sparse, so I am looking forward to the recording (cuz I couldn't write that fast). However, there was great speaking content, and I found much to implement.

Great talk! Thanks for your very apropos topic. I really appreciate some of the concrete examples on how to estimate the financials of starting up a business.


Very valuable talk. I would have liked some more informations on the slides. There where so many good advises that I was not able to write all of them down.

Thursday, really awesome content - I would have liked to see more visual feedback - more slides would have really improved the presentation.

Great presentation with lots of detail - wish I'd known this a year ago when I was thinking about freelancing a year ago. I can see how an informal business plan can really help with difficult areas like setting rates & how to find clients. Also kind of like the minimal slides (but maybe that's just me :). Thanks Thursday! Really enjoyed it.

Great talk content-wise, but you really need to work on those slides. In an online conference / webinar, you're competing with Twitter, IRC, etc. and really need to put up something more interesting to keep people hooked. See the presentation from Jacques for a good example.

- the speaker has a nice voice, but the content of the slides lacks a bit of spice though
- Also please don't make your listeners feel you are tired (I felt that a point)

BUT the content of your speech was NICE! And your VOICE IS AWESOME!

Great content, great information and advice, but the under-use of the slides made it more geared towards a audio podcast.

Excellent talk. I really liked how she didn't assume you'd been doing business for a while, and gave information useful to those new to the business side of things.

Jup, the slides could indeed be better in terms of colors and layout. The story, however, is really good! There was so much useful information and experience in it. Thank you very much!

very good content, to the point and very clear on what you need to plan for! Thanks for sharing.

work a little on your slides though, to make them more appealing for the audience.

Good talk, just have to take issue with recommending being a sole proprietorship without discussing the risks, and the fact that business plans are crucial if you want funding, but otherwise are still important but really for your own business compass. Also have to agree with some of the comments on the slides, although critics like me should be careful since I'm sure mine could use more work too!