Put It In writing: Why good clear written agreements are important for developers and their clients


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So detailed and informative. Like sitting in a great lecture at university.

great information, though I feel a bit overwhelmed! Looking forward to the recording to go back over the information.

Phew, that was a lot. Very detailed session.

Very informative talk about something a developer almost never thinks: legal stuff.

Thanks for the insight, very interesting. Not sure how much applies to the UK.

Brilliant talk & has filled in a lot of gaps for me regarding contracts and software licensing. Take home message for me is that using clear and unambiguous language to describe what's being delivered, how it'll be paid for and who owns what is key. Thanks for a great talk Tara.

Awesome job, lots of great info. Thanks for helping us!

GOOD Job Tara!
Insightful, precious legal advice!

Great session - good balance between going deep enough and not going too deep.

Perfect balance from a legal person to a developer person. The examples were easy to follow, the talk was structured well, and even as a non-US resident I got a lot of useful information.

excellent non-technical talk. took lots of notes and enjoyed the presentation. Great job!

If there's one thing about modern life that you really need to understand, whether for developers or anyone else, it's contracts. So glad to see this talk here.

Detailed, precise and very informative