So you want to be Self Employed


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Really appreciated the charts showing the differences between C and S Corps and LLC's. The level of detail in all areas was appropriate. Pictures were great.

Great info and lots of food for thought

I'd love to be self-employed. Really useful information and lots to think about.

Very helpful. Would liked to have heard more on insurances, rather than a one liner, but topics covered were very nicely covered. Thanks.

6/5 from me :D Good speaker!

- I liked how the speaker structures his content "on-slide"
- is good at choosing his pics
- making a summary in the end, is cool
- good tone variation

Great talk, lots of long thinking ahead about if I'm cut out for self-employment or not. Nice range of graphics in the slides too (apart from the one involving guns and family...)

Good talk and tips about getting started being self employed

Very good presentation, including visuals and structure. Maybe a bit US-centric in places.

Real good presentation, even though it's focussed on the US market. I like the presentation style, the graphics used and the excellent speaker's voice.

Great job!

Don't forget to submit to PHPBenelux Conference 2013!!!

Nice presentation with some good pointers. I think the US corporation levels were that interesting for quite some non-US people, but the rest was really good!

Great Talk, nice Presentation and a lot good infos!

Jacques. Great job and clean presentation. As a long time entrepreneur, I loved your perspective :-)

Awesome, Jacques. You kept it absolutely real and reminded me of some good things to remember in my first year of self-employment! (Going to go put money in savings for taxes now.....)

I needed this talk two years ago :) It was too US-centric to be totally useful to me but the principles behind much of what you said was spot on - thanks