Preparing To Speak


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Many great tips, some I have not heard before. Nice coverage of slide material in the talk. I now have things to do before my next talks. ;)

Great tips on preparation, many of which I need to be much much better about

Great ideas on how to prepare and be a better speaker. I'll definitely be watching and listening to this one a few more times. Thank you very much!

Good Advice, nice talk

This was a good talk, and there are a lot of great points - but I personally found it just a little basic at times.

Great job! Really helpful information.

This talk is the biggest reason I'm attending this DC4D. I need a lot of help in this arena. My history of preparing presentations have broken all these rules...

So grateful for these guidelines! The concept of having the talk before the slides and having a recording of it is exactly what I needed to hear!

Thanks for the excellent tips that should be obvious but probably often forgotten.

Fantastic tips for giving a talk. I plan on using many of them soon. Very well presented.

Great practical tips!

Fabulous speaker! Although the audience is tech-oriented, the content is valuable for all non-tech presentations I've attended.

Always a pleasure. Apreciate your frank honest experience.

Very enthousiastic talk, I already feel more confident about giving my first talk having this talk as a guide :)

Very good speaker and segued nicely from Lauren's talk. More excellent tips on preparing to speak.

Good advice, good slides, good speaking tone. Could not find anything wrong, so it's a 5 from me :)

Great talk, with practical advice. I should have done many of these things in the past- if only I'd have had this wisdom before. :D

Excellent advice, very well presented and I will be watching again when I get my first speaking gig :)

Good, solid advice. I wish more speakers would follow it. Rehearse! Don't go over time!

And, yes, everybody should go out and read Presentation Zen :)

Great talk, contained excellent points for every speaker to apply. Pace was good and voice was clear. Nothing to criticize, which is good ;)

What a great talk, covering lots of very useful information for people getting ready to give a talk.

Great advice for new speakers ;) Although some of us HAVE done slides the night before...

Awesome talk! Thank you for teaching us how to prepare so well, I really loved the tips about the "test audience". <3

Another great talk with really good advices by Lornajane. Thank you for sharing!

I picked up quite a few tips on how to better prepare for giving talks. The information was clearly presented and organized. I especially appreciated Lorna using her own technique to ask herself a question to encourage more Q&A at the end.

Great talk with a load of fantastic advice that I'll be following closely as I prepare for my first conference talk in a few months.

Anonymous at 04:04 on 25 Mar 2013

Excellent discussion on how to prepare for a talk to ensure that you give your best. The presentation was well structured with clear information and delivered clearly.