How to Speak Business & Eradicate Confusion in Software Development


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Good topics, excellent advice on documentation and SCRUM.

Good talk. I'd like to see a document for Performant in github if that's possible.

Great to see a detailed explanation regarding READY and DONE as it pertains to development.

Great informative talk.

You should just try to be careful with the "you know". You repeated it a few time through the talk.

Great talk. Very good thoughts about having these 3 documents to clearly define expectations ahead of time to ease that disconnect that may exist between developers and business. Good info about breaking down those barriers.

Very original and awesome unique slides in terms of presentation.
Quality talk..

Just one thing: I feel that may be if you broke things down a little bit more, many people would have come up with questions :)


Coincidentally, I was distracted during Brendan's talk, but I found the Agile process information extremely helpful. I liked his use of diagrams and the variations of diagrams with the same information helped understand the concepts more clearly.

Thank you for this presentation. The content was really informative but in terms of delivery, I think you say the words "y'know" way too much. But all in all awesome talk. Thank you! :)

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm looking forward to doing this know? :)

Excellent talk! Well thought out and delivered, backed up by superb slides with diagrams that made the concepts easier to absorb. I'm not too familiar with scrum/kanban (I work in a single-developer non-IT shop) so I can't really speak to the content, but I found the Performat/Ready/Done definitions and how they apply to the scrum workflow interesting (likely because the diagrams made it very easy to understand to a non-agiler ;))