Source Code Management and Version Control


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Good talk. I would have guessed that everyone who attends things like that would or should be using source control already, but that could be a bad assumption on my part. In any case source control is a vital piece to the development process and git is a great choice. It's rather a deep topic to do anything more than a very brief and shallow introduction in an hour though.

Great intro to git.

Thanks, Chris! One of the most important aspects of maintaining code :)

Anonymous at 08:22 on 26 Jul 2013

I would have preferred a focus on one area or another instead of a roam across the lands of versioning. For example, just gitHub because it's such a popular tool right now.

A bit basic. But then again, I guess that was the point of an introductory talk. Should probably have had a few more graphics in the first part of the talk.

Christopher awesome talk! Good job!

Great talk. It helps me as I am just moving to git.
Would love the slides though!

I have added my slides now. Thanks for the feedback!

Great job! A hard subject to make interesting/entertaining.

Excellent, well thought out introduction to "The Five Ws" of SCM/VC.

Lots to cover... hard to squeeze it into an hour, ain't it ;-)

Good introductory talk on Git, but when I first saw the title, I hoped for a little more background and comparison on different VCS's. The talk itself was thorough, though.

Four stars: the talk was excellent for what it was, but the the title and abstract didn't quite cover the content.

By the way, I like your hat.

Some nice highlights on commands not used often. Not enough of workflow to bring it all together. Very heavy on git usage versus workflow, though speaker indicated other talks were faulty for doing the same. Mobile phone for call didn't work well, volume was HIGH.