The rise of Node.js has many developers interested in asynchronous web application development, as it allows offloading heavy processes in order to provide snappy responses to clients. How can you achieve this in PHP, particularly with Expressive? The Swoole extension to PHP gives us an async foundation; in this session, you’ll also learn how to code your middleware, handlers, and their dependencies so that they play well in an async environment, allowing you to leverage its scaling and performance benefits.


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James A Lind at 15:00 on 18 Jan 2019


Eugen Neuber at 15:02 on 18 Jan 2019

Thank you very much!

Another talk packed with information and examples! Really nice to see the async ideas in php merged with a modern framework and how they can co-exist with some tweaking.

The mic was on low volume - but the content was in detail!

Excellent talk.

Eric Hogue at 15:20 on 18 Jan 2019

Great talk