PHP has graduated into being an all-around decent general-purpose programming language. But we still use the same old architectural patterns when we write applications. In “Event Architectures”, I walk through why relying on blocking contexts is less efficient and provide examples of how to re-think program flow to achieve far higher throughput and CPU-consumption density than ever before.


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Very well organised and presented talk, with clear takeaways. Lot of libraries and concepts to try out afterwards! Thanks!

What a great presentation. Thumbs up! We're getting PHP back on track with evented oritented stuff. AMPHP is my choice. PHP core functions and user-land framework - lovely!

Eric Hogue at 13:49 on 18 Jan 2019

Great talk. Lots of things to try out after the talk.

Extremely great talk, makes me considering a lot of new things when designing a new application. Gives me a lot of ideas to start improving some of my current projects. I think a few very short QA breaks will cause a deeply technical talk such as this one to increase engagement. However, was very interesting, learned a lot and enjoyed a lot.

Great overview of the concepts backed with enough examples.