Over the years, software teams have questioned if PHP is a good choice for building web services. In this talk, I will show how we use PHP on the backend for Glu Mobile’s flagship mobile game Design Home, enabling it to regularly rank amongst the top free mobile games – both in downloads and grossing. We will deep dive into the thought processes, development, and integration strategy, and study a few real-life cases to show how to use PHP in the right way to build and maintain reliable, high-performance backends.


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James A Lind at 10:05 on 18 Jan 2019

Very informative!

Eric Hogue at 11:04 on 18 Jan 2019

Great talk. Many interesting strategies to improve performances.

Lots and lots of takeaways from this one! Cookbook of good tricks. You can easily skip emphasising benefits of PHP7 in the beginning of the talk, in favour on going in depth on some topics later on.

Chris Holland at 11:17 on 18 Jan 2019

I took a lot of notes during this talk, and I will be referencing the recording in the future as well. Great work!

Thanks Demin for showing us how you've updated your application! It's fascinating to see how the PHP app itself fits into the larger devops discussion.

A ton of information packed in this one.
I especially liked how for each thing he mentioned he explained the reasoning behind their decision and also gave some alternatives for different use cases.

Great talk, with good insights.

Well done!

Jesse D at 11:37 on 18 Jan 2019

Appreciated sharing the implementation learnings around Nginx and ECS deploys!

Eric Poe at 11:38 on 18 Jan 2019

Very informative with good insights. I will definitely be revisiting this.

Eugen Neuber at 11:40 on 18 Jan 2019

Ver interesting. Seeing those numbers is more convincing than some academic argument!

You've given me a lot to think about. Thanks for presenting!