Take a peek into the inner workings of PHP from how it walks through your script code, to the nature of variables themselves. This session will focus on some of the subtle but significant changes between PHP 5 and PHP 7 as well as look forward to the future of PHP 8.


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Emily Stamey at 09:46 on 18 Jan 2019

This is a talk that takes a few times through to fully digest. There are timely additions for the latest features in PHP7 and now speculation on PHP 8.

I think it would be helpful to label what the acronyms mean throughout the slides because there is a lot of information on the slides, and some of the acronyms were unfamiliar.

Eric Poe at 09:46 on 18 Jan 2019

I always learn something new and amazing each time I hear Sara. This is no exception. Another brilliant talk and I look forward to watching this again via the recording.

A mind blowing look under the hood of PHP! Well done Sara!

Eric Hogue at 09:48 on 18 Jan 2019

Awesome talk, so much information. I'll have to watch again and again.

Chris Holland at 09:48 on 18 Jan 2019

Very insightful and fascinating talk.

Talk that is always worth revisiting, picking up little bits of knowledge every time. Good execution, bit fast at times but that is understandable due to amount of knowledge conveyed.

Jesse D at 09:50 on 18 Jan 2019

Such a rare and deep talk about the inner workings of what makes PHP tick. Highly recommended for anyone looking to peek under the covers or get a little more insight on where PHP is going as a language.

This talk is a knowledge bomb in the best possible way! PHP's inner workings aren't simple but Sara makes it look so.
I especially liked the look forward to 7.4 and 8.
That said I'll need to watch it a couple more times to understand everything.

I agree with Emily that having labels for the acronyms would be helpful.

That's a first class, A+++ talk. You don't get to see that type of content and speaker so often.

I just wish I could hear Sara talk more often and ask her soooo many questions!!

PS: Sara is undeniably The WonderWomen in PHP land! *full stop*

Good job Cal Evans in bringing Sara to DC4D!

Learned the high level overview of how the core of PHP works in such a short time, nicely done Sara!

James A Lind at 10:04 on 18 Jan 2019

Very informative.

Fascinating talk. It's so great to get a chance to look under the hood with a qualified mechanic. Great job Sara! Clearly passionate and intimately familiar with PHP, inside and out.

Excellent talk! This is gold for whoever has started to read the dragon book and would like to confront the theory to a very practical language like PHP.

Brilliant talk, explosive! Digesting the whole content needs watching the recorded talk several times.

Eugen Neuber at 11:41 on 18 Jan 2019

Hey - this makes me want to compile my PHP myself!

under the hood - all good :)

Ed Barnard at 19:01 on 21 Jan 2019

Just listened to Sara's talk via the recording. It's great to have a structured view of the compiler that's post 7.0. The various writings I've seen before now (primarily Nikita) described brand-new PHP 7.0. Sara helped me get a better handle on how things are put together, and where the performance improvements come in. Cache-adjacent - had no idea!