Git for Maintainers


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The voice was not very clear.
However the topic covered were great.

Anonymous at 13:45 on 19 Dec 2014

Really enjoyed the workflow process for handling security issues as a maintainer - well reasoned and logical.

Wonderful! Lots to take in. Will rewatch more than a couple of times.

Nice CTRL-R tip. I've been wondering about that command for quite sometime now. :-)

Great talk, tips from the trenches. Always explicitly naming the source branch for common git commands is one I'll start using now.

Wide-ranging and extremely detailed talk covering all aspects of working on collaborative projects using git and github, including optimizing git commands, useful tools and best practices (and with lots of example command line snippets to illustrate them). Also features a good overview of how to use the git-flow workflow/process and how that operates for various situations that you might encounter in a project lifecycle - persuasive enough that I will be looking at implementing this model in future. Brilliant presentation!

I wasn't expecting to get a whole lot out of this talk, since I don't really maintain any projects.

But in my experience, no matter how smart you are or how little the talk applies to you, you *will* learn something in a MWOP talk.

Every. Single. Time.

An excellent talk by an excellent speaker. This talk has given me a bunch of "points-to-improve" as they can be applied to not only open-source projects but also to internal projects. Got a lot to catch up on. Thanks for sharing Matthew!

Great talk, learned plenty that will help with maintaining projects directly via git

Great talk, especially the part regarding the git-flow workflow.