Pointy Parts of Git


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Travis, Love it!

Got a lot here to chew on. Rather too fast for me. I will have to re-watch this more than a couple of times.


As always, really good talk. I was overloaded with practical and technical information with live demos. Highly polished and professional.

Drinking from the firehose of git info. Too fast to grok everything you went over. Luckily, we can watch again (and again) to make sure to get every last bit of awesome. I learned several things that I'll be able to apply immediately. And by, "apply immediately" I mean that I've already used one of them on a project. Wow. Talk about immediate return on investment.

The only real knock on the presentation is that the font was hard to read on my projector.

Love demos of using git commands (subtree, filter-branch, bisect and rebase --onto) for handling tricky situations. Particularly impressed with the bisect and subtree demos. For all four cases the talk provides more of a starting point than a detailed "how-to" so would need to follow up with other resources. Might have benefited from a few supporting slides? But otherwise an inspirational presentation showing what is possible with git.

Anonymous at 16:41 on 19 Dec 2014

Travis is a true GIT magician. I remember him teaching me the basics of GIT at TEK X and I've read his books, but everytime he talks about it, I feel like a beginner. Well done sir!