Having your program hacked sucks. The sad truth is though, if you put a program out there, someone will try to find a way to hack it. Especially if there is a prize on the other side.

For PHP Master Series v2, we have gathered together 4 experts on the topic of "Programming PHP Securely" to share their knowledge with you. That knowledge will help you write programs that are more difficult to hack. Programs that will keep your data, and your customers data, safer.

You get this knowledge for only $50 per developer, or $150 per development team.

The learning doesn't stop at the end of the day, though. In addition to watching live presentations from 4 recognized security experts, and then asking them questions during and after their presentation, you get access to the recordings for all 4 presentations. Re-watch them as many times as you like. refresh your knowledge on the topic whenever you like. The recordings include the audio as well as the slides and any live coding done. This is included with every ticket.