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I love the DC4D series. I just wish I could attend all of them, so far, I've only joined in for two. This one and the one for speakers. But both covered a large scope. Each talk was unique in it's presentation. There was just enough overlap between talks to reinforce core ideas, but not so much as to make the info redundant.

I love DC4D. I get most of the learning of a physical conference without having to leave the house or even put on pants. The only downside is that the afterparty is less exciting.

DayCamp4Developers has done it again with a great group of speakers and a very hot topic to help PHP developers advance their craft.

A great event. Not being able to make it to as many conferences as I would like, having these online conferences is a great resource.

Like always Cal has set up a master series everyone would dream of: having leading unit test advocates talking about unit testing is just awesome!

Well done Cal, you are again a true Master at Work!