WordPress and Automated Testing, Really?!


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I loved that this was not WP exclusive. Many of the tips, tricks and lessons learned are applicable to any Automated Testing scenario.
((Also includes several WP specific aspects, as one would expect.))

Excellent presentation to get your gums smacking for learning more on WP Unit Testing!

Good presentation - nice to see that it's not super difficult to get into WordPress testing. Was a good intro guide to PHPUnit testing too.

Good job with going into PHPUnit and Selenium. The WP testing was a nice extra.

Anonymous at 07:09 on 20 Dec 2013

Excellent information on phpunit and integrating with the wordpress testing.

All around great talk!

Lots of good info. I liked the way you used WordPress as a common example that everyone can easily go in and use as a base, but the general concepts can be applied to non-Wordpress projects as well.

Great talk with awesome examples! Thanks for sharing!

Nice talk about doing automated testing with WP. I would had love some tricks on how to isolate the plugin to unit test it.

You made integrated tests looks easy.

This talk is cooked, as in done, as in can't get better. Time to make it a Tutorial/Workshop :D.

Awesome job!

Awesome to see that Wordpress has done a ton of work to make it easier to test things.

Very informative talk with relevant examples.

Very interesting. At the beginning there were a lot of "Umms", but that seemed to go away as the talk progressed.

Guys awesome talk for sure i learn a lot !

Definitely interesting and informative talk on testing in general as well as the specifics of testing Wordpress. All said, a fantastic talk.

Not being a WP developer I was worried that I would not benefit from this talk, but there was plenty of material that was still useful. Thanks for doing your part to make the internet a better place!

Not much else to say besides great talk! I had no idea WP had a test suite like this, very clear and informative talk.

Great talk. Really nice to see how easy it can be to test Wordpress sites.

Great examples and made testing WordPress look easy. Great content, with tips and hints on tough spots.

The title of this talk is completely correct: I can't even believe it's possible to automated-test in WP. We will definitely be using the specifics from this talk. Thanks so much!

I learned quite a bit about PHPUnit and crafting basic unit tests. You did a great job illustrating how I should (and have not) done testing and your examples made sense to me outside of a WP environment. Thank you!

Great talk! I'm not a fan of wordpress, but still a great talk!