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Host: Gabriel Somoza
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To kick start our meetup we will be welcomed in the offices of OnderdelenWinkel.nl - a leading online shop for spare and replacement parts that operates in several countries in Europe. For this first meetup we will also have the privilege of hearing from Wim Godden, a recognised international speaker with an impressive portfolio of conferences such as Sunshine PHP, ZendCon, who will talk about application security across the PHP stack.

The entry is free of charge and open to anyone that loves PHP. So share the word with your colleagues and friends!

= Schedule =
18:00 - Welcome social (pizza & drinks)
19:00 - Gabriel Somoza: Introduction to PHP Eindhoven
19:30 - Wim Godden: "My app is secure… I think" (English)
20:30 - Small raffle + more social

= TALK ABSTRACT: "My app is secure… I think" =

With more and more sites falling victim to data theft, you've probably read the list of things (not) to do to write secure code. But what else should you do to make sure your code and the rest of your web stack is secure ? In this tutorial we'll go through the basic and more advanced techniques of securing your web and database servers, securing your backend PHP code and your frontend javascript code. We'll also look at how you can build code that detects and blocks intrusion attempts and a bunch of other tips and tricks to make sure your customer data stays secure.