Day: April 21st
Time: 7pm - 10pm

Welcome to our second DEFCON 201 meeting! Since the first one went so well, we are chugging on forward while correcting some n00b mistakes of our past.

Focus on this meet up will be the development of our original projects, recruitment for the upcoming Mini-Maker Faire at the Newark Museum in May, getting everyone GPG Encryption and further planning our agenda for 2017 and beyond!

We also plan to bring Pizza brought to you from Helen's Pizza, the only Pizza joint in North New Jersey that can be paid for in Bitcoin. Of course, members can BYOB as long as you are of 21 or older.

Schedule Time Table:

:7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
:..>Meet & Greet & Project Workshops

:8:00 PM - 8:30 PM
:..>Anti-Ransomware Talk - Christopher Frenz

:8:00 30 PM - 9:50 PM
:..>Project Workshop & GPG Keysigning Party

:9:50 PM PM - 10:00 PM
:..>Final Goodbyes and Offical End of Meet Up

The OWASP NJ Guide To Anti-Randsomware
Open up any newspaper or news site and an increasingly common headline is becoming “hospital held for ransom”. While hospitals and other organizations often have downtime procedures that let them revert back to paper for dealing with power outages and other disasters, it is still a nightmare scenario to find your entire organization's IT infrastructure screeching to a halt all because someone clicked on a malicious link or opened a questionable email attachment. Moreover, many organizations have a significant number of legacy systems that make security a challenge and beyond very basic security provisions often do not have a corporate culture that is heavily focused on information security. This has left many organizations struggling with how to handle ransomware attacks. This talk is meant to serve as a comprehensive defense in depth based checklist and guide to preventing ransomware from taking a foothold in your organization as well as ensuring the proper procedures are in place to deal with an actual ransomware outbreak in your environment. Given the prevalence of Windows systems as ransomware targets, the guide is geared towards a Windows environment but is designed to be product agnostic. Please note that this talk is designed to be comprehensive and as such not all controls may be applicable to all environments.

Christopher Frenz is the Director of IT Infrastructure at Interfaith Medical Center and is an expert on healthcare security and privacy. He the author of the books "Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET for Scientists and Engineers" and "Pro Perl Parsing", as well as the author of numerous articles. Frenz holds many industry standard certifications, including CISSP, CISM, FIP, HCISPP, CIPP, CIPM, CIPT, and CCSK.

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