Welcome to our fourth DEFCON 201 meeting!

Now that we have established ourselves, we are now going to get our handds dirty and actually work on projects! Again, members are welcome to bring in their own projects to work on but for those who don't have anything to bring we have an amazing lightining talk and two group projects to work on!

Of course members can BYOB (drink responsibly!) and we will be providing various food and drink items including pizza from Helen's Pizza, the only pizza joint that accept Bitcoin and Litecoin!

7:00pm - 7:40pm
Meet & Greet & GPG Key-Signing Party
7:40pm - 8:00pm 
OWASP Anti-Ransomware  Guide - Christopher Frenz & Christian Diaz
8:00pm - 8:15pm
LINKNYC: Linking Hoboken to the Hacker Mesh Network - NYCMesh
8:15pm - 9:50pm
Working on Projects & Setting Up NYC Mesh Router
9:50pm - 10:00pm
Closing Official Meet-Up


--DEFCON 201 Google CTF 2017 Qualifier!--
All day on June 16th, we as a group are entering the Google CTF 2017 qualifier under the DEFCON 201 banner! We will be competing with many other groups, including other DEFCON groups around the globe to qualify for the Google CTF 2017 finals. The finals will have our select members being flown over to California to Google's HQ to compete and we can earn cash prizes in bo competing and the write up including up to $31,337!

Best part? We will be doing this CTF during our meet up AND for those who cant make it you can play with our remotely from whever in New Jersey you are from!

We will be using both our IRC Channel at Freenode (#DEFCON201) and our Riot to communicate. To ask for the register link, hang around our IRC or message us at info [at[ defcon201 [dot] org!

More information about the CTF at: https://security.googleblog.com/2017/06/announcing-google-capture-flag-2017.html

--NYC Mesh Rounter Instalation!--
We are super excited to give back to the fine folks at MakerBar by installing a Ubiquiti NSM5 directional 5GHz to connect ot the NYC Mesh Network! After the lightining talk will be a short overview of the NYC Mesh Network by DEFCON 201 Co-Founder Sidepocket (and possibly special guest from the NYC Mesh) and then we are going to use our tools and coding skills to reflash the router with the custom software and configure to securely tunnel through the MakerBar internet to connect to the wider mesh! This will be the first founding step in an ongoing project to provide Hoboken and Jersey City communities with a free, indipendant network connection. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own tools.

NYC Mesh is a community owned network. The mesh network consists of Wi-Fi router "nodes" spread throughout the greater New York Tri-State area. The network has no central server and no single internet service provider. All nodes cooperate in the distribution of data, also serving as a stand-alone network in case of emergencies or internet shutdown.

More info at: https://nycmesh.net/

.::Lightningt Talk::.

Ransomware Defense Primer
Speakers: Christopher Frenz and Christian Diaz

Details: Ransomware has rapidly become one of the fastest growing and most profitable cybercrimes in existence with estimates showing that 1 in 5 businesses have currently been the target of an attack.  Research from Kaspersky Lab suggests that ransomware attacks are currently launched against businesses at a rate of 1 every 40 seconds and other sources report that ransomware netted criminals close to $1 billion of the course of 2016.  This presentation will describe the anatomy of a typical ransomware attack and present a defense in depth strategy organizations can use to protect themselves at various points along the ransomware kill chain.  The presentation will be based around guidance presented in the OWASP Anti-Ransomware Guide (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Anti-Ransomware_Guide_Project) and special emphasis will be given to testing an organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and recover from a malware attack using mock malware incidents.