How many times have you heard "it works on my machine" or "it works for me"? How long does it take to get a new development environment setup if you start working at a new job or with a new client? What if I were to tell you that you can eliminate long set up time, the "it works for me" issues and keep everyone on the same page?

Virtualization and automation is your friend. You should be embracing it and making the machines work for you. Learn how vagrant and puppet will benefit you, your team and your company. At the end of this talk and demo you'll have a supercharged development environment, removing the headaches in your process from dev to production, and never say "it works for me" again.

Chris will do an overview of Vagrant and Puppet to get you familiar with what these tools are, the capabilities of them, the common uses, why they'll benefit you, and most importantly, why you should be using them. Then we'll get our hands dirty. We'll go from 0 to fully working development environment. You'll never look back to the way you've been doing things so far.

Chris is a partner and founder at E-Moxie, a web and mobile design and development firm in the Baltimore area. He has been a web developer for over 10 years with a a focus on PHP. He's very active in the community and is an organizer of Baltimore PHP, Baltimore Mobile and Baltimore API.