DOXLON is back on Tuesday the 28th of March with another great line up, and a special guest to coincide with the KubeCon Europe conference in Berlin.

If you’re unable to make the KubeCon conference next week, this is another opportunity to hear from Joseph Jacks, one of the founders of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now Apprenda), and a founder of KubeCon. Joseph will be joining us via video link to discuss Native, Distributed Storage For Kubernetes.

We will be hearing from Bobby DeVeaux, one of our favourite people in DevOps, who will be presenting his most recent project, a production ready scalable Docker Swarm using Terraform and Packer. Mangirdas Judeikis from Red Hat, will be providing a deep dive into OpenShift and how it works with containers.

We will also hear from Cameron Adams, who will take us through how ITV have been using Docker & Selenium to reduce their build pipeline from 4 hours to 40 minutes.

The agenda will be as follows:

6.30pm: Arrive and drinks

7:00pm, Talk 1: Cameron Adams, ITV

Title: 6x Faster CI

The story of how we have used Docker & Selenium to take our build pipeline from 4 hours to 40 minutes at ITV.

7:20pm: Bobby DeVeaux, UK Cloud

Title: Building a production-ready fully-scalable Docker Swarm using Terraform & Packer on OpenStack.

Bobby is a Consultant DevOps Engineer who currently works with UK Cloud’s clients to help them understand DevOps, how to improve their automation and migrate to a cloud-native environment. Bobby has over 20 years experience working with the web and has most recently been working with public sector clients on their latest projects.

7.40pm: 20 minute break for Pizza and Drinks

8:00pm: Joseph Jacks EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at Quantum

Title: Native, Distributed Storage For Kubernetes

Modern software storage systems are inherently complex. They are composed of numerous distributed components, require careful balancing of resources, and have stringent performance requirements. If you're running your applications in a public cloud you're typically shielded from this complexity and can utilize managed storage services like EBS, S3 and EFS. If you're running on-premise, however, your choices are quite limited and typically result in using traditional big-iron storage systems. In this talk, JJ will walkthrough a deploying and running a production-ready storage cluster using Kubernetes. Storage nodes can run as pods and enumerate the available storage devices within the cluster. JJ will show how some of the features of Kubernetes including controllers/operators, third-party resources, resource management, and rolling upgrades can lead to more powerful and resilient storage clusters.

Bio: Joseph is a founder of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now Apprenda), founder of KubeCon (the Kubernetes community conference, now owned by CNCF where he is also a founding member). He has spent the last 10 years working in high growth technology startups with a focus on enterprise.

8.20pm: Mangirdas Judeikis, Red Hat

Title: OpenShift for the Corporate Containers Developer

Have you been using docker or docker and kubernetes and wondered what OpenShift is and does. This is a grounds up technical talk for developers interested in getting a first hand drive through of OpenShift. During this session Mangirdas will cover:

• Openshift vs kubernetes - what openshift does and what k8s doesn’t, and some myths broken
• Docker implementation and why it’s challenging to run native docker in corporate environments
• Developer experience in highly controlled environments
• Corporate security and compliance
SHORT DEMO common use cases

• Dockerfile Build - How to build a dockerfile using docker and OpenShift.
• How to run it, debug it, and get almost everything you get from docker but in a controlled corporate environment.
• I have code - run it please. How to do it, and why it's good for your Enterprise.

As always, we have quite a tight capacity, so please register as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Look forward to seeing you there,

All the best,

Tony, David and the rest of the DOXLON team

@linuxrecruit @outlyerapp @doxlon



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